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Bring You Back

Bring You back (201205 by Moonmollies)
I just want to know if I can change who I am
I just want to know will it be the same
I keep turning around trying to get away
Screaming to forget all the yesterdays
Memories - dark and so full of pain
Don't look back again
Fear has taken my hands like a wicked beast
Pulling me down to my anxieties
Sometimes hope seems so far away
No more shiny days
Do you really want to be brought back
Do you really think you had a choice
The future is unknown but the past cannot be changed
I think it's better not to listen to this voice
( saying : I can bring you back )
Shadows of forgotten times have gone
With almost everything now I'm alone
Forgotten moments full of light
They have faded away
Leaving echoes inside of my mind
Why can't history not be rewind
I feel captured my hands are bend
Don't want to know the end
(Now) You have brought me back and I'm here with my feelings again
Standing at the crossroad where it all began
But now I see, I am still the same
And I'll do the same (again...)
Take a break it's not to late (3x)
Just come back don't be afraid
You're not alone in the here and now
The only place where you can grow

Take your time to understand the past
Or it will be back real fast
You know the rules now make your moves
And don't regret the way you'll choose
------- have brought me back...(repeat)

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Bucket full of dreams

Bucket full of dreams (by Moonmollies)
We will never loose control so - don't be afraid - start to think about you

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